Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Winter Sunrise, Galway


padrejaime said...

Teresa: are you the Teresa Daly from Duagh? My son may visit Duagh in the next two days, and is trying to locate our relative Micheal Joe and Nora.
Jim Daily

theresa said...

hello padrejaime. no, I am not from there, sorry. but my parents are named michael and nora

The Irishman said...

Simply wonderful!
You have an eye for whats around you and thats a fact!
I have a daughter who is an amateur photographer and I've shown her your site. She is also becoming a big fan as well!
Keep up the great work!
PS: Feel free to take a look at our blog if you'd like.
It's a (mostly) humorous look at religion, politics, traditional Irish music and the like.

Anyway...best to you!